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Michel Herr
Michel Herr
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 073
Released 1989
Media cd
Recorded Brussels

This album received from the Belgian jazz critics the "Sax" Prize (best album) in 1989.
Original release.
N.B. : This album was reissued in May 2011 by the same label, under the same title, but with a new cover, packaging and some archive photos. See below.

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Michel Herr - Piano, Keyboards    
Hein Van De Geyn - Double bass    
Leroy Lowe - Drums    


Michel Herr Trio  


1.   Thinking of You    
  Michel Herr
2.   Intuition    
  Michel Herr
3.   Absence      
  Michel Herr
4.   Your Eyes      
  Michel Herr
5.   Labyrinthe 1st Prize at the Monaco jazz composition contest    
  Michel Herr
6.   Le Voyage Oublié      
  Michel Herr
7.   Pretext      
  Michel Herr
8.   Orange Blossom      
  Hein van de Geyn
9.   New Horizons      
  Michel Herr

All compositions by Michel Herr, except # 8 by Hein Van de Geyn.

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  • An international trio. The CD "Intuitions" received the SAX Prize '89, the Belgian Critics Award as best Belgian jazz album of the year.

  • It includes a.o. "Labyrinthe",the Michel HERR composition that won the 1st Prize of the famous "Concours International de Composition de Thèmes de Jazz"of Monaco.

  • The album was rated Five Spots in the French jazz magazine Jazz Hot.


  • " ...the sensitive, harmonically inventive pianist Michel Herr, who played his own award-winning composition "Labyrinthe". (Leonard Feather, L.A. Times)

  • "...when the instrument sings to such an extent, it is pointless to regret the absence of a horn player...." (François Lacharme, Jazz Hot "Five Spots")
  • "A Musician before all, Michel Herr expresses himself as much through his writing than through his piano playing. Michel mainly develops his own langage, creating lyrical music of great harmonic richness, with a remarkable dramatic sense." (Pierre de Chocqueuse, Jazz Hot "Five Spots")

  • "Michel Herr unfolds a universe that is his own. A universe rich in poetry, in which sensitivity, creativity and swing blend very well. A perfect example of European jazz in full maturity." (Le Soir, Belgium)

  • "Belgian pianist Michel Herr signs here an excellent album. His phrasing has great clarity; it is well articulated while remaining very fluid. Herr also reaffirms himself as a talented composer." (Paul Benkimoun, Jazz Magazine)

  • "Refined and poetic playing. Michel Herr is the creator of various moods : dreamlike, exciting, nostalgic, with moments of fantasy. Michel Herr's playing is based upon an elegant lyricism, which expresses himself in delicately sculpted phrases that never become sweet. The trio, very convincing, shows a real interaction between the three instruments." (André Joly, La Voix du Nord)

  • "A trio that sounds just like one man, a ludic microcosm that injects strong emotions into everything it touches. No excuses to ignore any longer this master in complicity." (Xavier Prévost, Claviers)

  • "Sumptuous !...With this trio, his trio, Michel Herr unfolds his universe and his compositions. Both are worth the detour. An elegant touch, beauty of the melodies and a perfect understanding between the three musicians. Intuitions is a "grand cru." (Philippe Adler, Backstage)

    This album was reissued in May 2011 by the same label, under the same title, but with a new cover, packaging and some archive photos : Intuitions.

    This is the cover of the 2011 reissue (Igloo IGL 073) :
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