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Jérémy Dumont Quintet
Jérémy Dumont Quintet
Phonographic reference J4Y-032019-2
Released April 1, 2019
Media cd
Recorded Jet Studio by Angelica Roca (Brussels)

Jérémy Dumont - Piano    
Godwin Louis - Saxophones    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet    
Damien Varaillon - Double bass    
Armando Luongo - Drums    


Jérémy Dumont Quintet  


1.   Tough but fair   06:01  
  Jérémy Dumont
2.   Even you   09:14  
  Jérémy Dumont
3.   Eretz tzion   08:19  
  Jérémy Dumont
4.   Strange feeling   07:23  
  Jérémy Dumont
5.   Darn that dream   05:19  
  Jimmy Van Heusen
6.   Nieuwpoort day   05:45  
  Jérémy Dumont
7.   Through your eyes   06:16  
  Jérémy Dumont
8.   Aaron   06:09  
  Jérémy Dumont
9.   Tenderly   11:47  
  albert Gross
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This album is the result of a particular encounter out of the many Jérémy Dumont has already had. It was important for him to keep a permanent trace of the magical moments they shared on tour, in line with the Greats of all eras, who each in turn immortalized some of their live concerts or exceptional encounters.

The album :
The title Eretz clearly defines Jeremy’s concept of bringing together musicians from all walks of life to express the soul of his compositions and arrangements.
In this sense, the Hebrew word Eretz, which means land, also evokes the aspects of multi-culturality that this new album conveys. With seven compositions and two standards, this new album is sure to satisfy Jérémy Dumont’s current and future audiences!

The style :
These compositions show that Jérémy Dumont is increasingly asserting himself as an inventive creator.
The spectre of styles becomes wider and, with help of his remarkable accomplices who are all in perfect harmony with the spirit of the arrangements, the result is up to expectations. Even though the main influences perceivable when listening to the CD are still Chick Corea or Avishaï Cohen, two of Jérémy’s original mentors, the contributions of his co-artists enrich the palette. All in all, the album elates us with a vibe that goes from mainstream standard covers to multicoloured compositions that make for a contemporary accessible jazz
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