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The Wrong Object
The Wrong Object
Into the Herd
Record Labels Off - Record
Phonographic reference OCD043
Released February 22, 2019
Media cd
Recorded by Maxime Wathieu
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Marti Melia - Tenor saxophone, Clarinet, Vocals    
François Lourtie - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Vocals    
Antoine Guenet - Keyboards, Vocals    
Michel Delville - Guitars, Roland GR09, Vocals    
Pierre Mottet - Bass    
Laurent Delchambre - Drums, Percussion, Objects, Sampler    


The Wrong Object  


1.   Into the herd   4:11  
  Michel Delville
2.   A mercy   4:55  
  Michel Delville
3.   Rumble buzz   7:10  
  Laurent Delchambre
4.   Another thing   6:52  
  Michel Delville
5.   Filmic   5:34  
  Michel Delville
6.   Mango juice   8:58  
  Laurent Delchambre
7.   Many lives   6:09  
  Antoine Guenet
8.   Ship of fools   6:39  
  Michel Delville
9.   Psithurism   3:42  
  Laurent Delchambre
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