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Kris Defoort
Kris Defoort
Diving Poet Society
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference W.E.R.F.148
Released November 2, 2017
Media cd
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Kris Defoort - Piano    
Nicolas Thys - Electric bass    
Lander Gyselinck - Drums    
Guillaume Orti - Alto saxophone    
Veronica Harcsa - Vocals    


Kris Defoort's Diving Poet Society  


1.   The pine tree and the marching      
2.   Liquid mirrors      
3.   The pine tree and the fire      
4.   Diving poets      
5.   Diepblauwe Sehnsucht      
6.   New sound plaza      
7.   Heavenly Billie      
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