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Compro Oro
Compro Oro
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference W.E.R.F.147
Released August 2017
Media 10" EP Vinyl
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Wim Segers - Vibraphone    
Bart Vervaeck - Guitar    
Mattias Geernaert - Bass    
Frederik van den Berghe - Drums    
Robbe Kieckens - Congas    


Compro Oro  


1.   Ababa Boogie   6:04  
2.   Bombarda   4:00  
3.   Greetings from the colony   5:59  
4.   Miami was a nice place in the 80s   3:19  

All songs written by Wim Segers except Ababa Boogie written by Bart Vervaeck
All songs arranged by Compro Oro.

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