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Frank Deruytter Quartet
Frank Deruytter Quartet
Frank Deruytter Quartet
Record Labels Prova Records
Phonographic reference PR1304-CD21
Released May 28, 2013
Media cd

Also available as a download, a.o. on the iTunes Store.


Frank Deruytter - Tenor saxophone    
Eric Legnini - Piano    
Bart De Nolf - Double bass    
Peter Erskine - Drums    


Frank Deruytter Quartet feat. Peter Erskine  


1.   Bolleroll    
2.   Wolfken    
3.   D.O.P.E.      
4.   Proud Harry      
5.   The Gospel collector      
6.   She hates me      
7.   Shwung Foo      
8.   Noenkele      

Compositions : Frank Deruytter.

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