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Steve Houben & Michel Herr
Steve Houben & Michel Herr
Meet Curtis Lundy & Kenny Washington
Record Labels B. Sharp
Phonographic reference CDS 094
Released 1993
Media cd
Recorded February 20, 1983
  Swan studio, Buizingen (B)

Reissue on CD of a LP originally released on Jazz Cats (René Gailly).
Two top Belgian jazz musicians meet a great US rhythm section : in these years, Curtis Lundy and Kenny Washington were playing a.o. with Betty Carter or Johnny Griffin. In this exciting company, Steve Houben and Michel Herr play at their best. Recorded in one night !


Steve Houben - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Flute, Piccolo    
Michel Herr - Piano    
Curtis Lundy - Double bass    
Kenny Washington - Drums    


1.   Blues for Both      
  Steve Houben
2.   Skylark      
  H. Carmichael
3.   Joy of Being      
  Dennis Luxion
4.   Hallucination      
  Michel Herr
5.   The Highest Peaks      
  Steve Houben
6.   It could happen to you      
  J. Burke, J. Van Heusen
7.   Elling Tones      
  Steve Houben
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This is the cover of the original LP release on Jazz Cats :
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