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Un Ange Passe
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 183
Released September 28, 2005
Media cd
Recorded January 12, 2005 - January 13, 2005
  live at Brasserie of the Synsound Studio (Brussels)

Steve Houben - Alto saxophone, Flute    
Charles Loos - Piano    
Maurane - Vocals    
Patrick Deltenre - Guitar    
Quatuor Thaïs - Strings    
Mathieu Widart - Cello    


HLM (Houben, Loos, Maurane)  


1.   Un ange passe      
  Elvire Aucher
2.   Eau douce    
  Charles Loos
3.   De rien, de rien    
  Charles Loos
4.   Mignardise      
  Patrick Deltenre, Philippe De Cock
5.   Merci Luis    
  Charles Loos
6.   Invisible      
  C. Maurane - T. Gubitsch
7.   Au secours      
  Charles Loos
8.   Echologic'      
  Patrick Deltenre, Philippe De Cock
9.   Koriedzeki      
  trad. Turkey (arr. Ch. Loos)
10.   Balancelle      
  Charles Loos
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