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High Voltage
High Voltage
Hoppin' Around
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 044
Released November 2004
Media cd
Recorded April 2004
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Nico Schepers - Trumpet    
Dieter Limbourg - Tenor saxophone    
Lode Mertens - Trombone    
Bart Van Caenegem - Piano    
Peter Verhaegen - Bass    
Lieven Venken - Drums    


High Voltage Sextet  


1.   Diem Ha    
  Dieter Limbourg
2.   Loose Ends    
  Dieter Limbourg
3.   Four or Five      
  Nico Schepers
4.   The Queen of Palonia      
  Dieter Limbourg
5.   Bells 'n' Brass      
  Lode Mertens
6.   Oban Blues      
  Bart Van Caenegem
7.   Waiting      
  Lieven Venken
8.   Fitzrovia      
  Dieter Limbourg
9.   Hoppin' Around      
  Dieter Limbourg
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