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Peter Hertmans / Jeroen Van Herzeele
Peter Hertmans / Jeroen Van Herzeele
Ode For Joe
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 123
Released 1996
Media cd

A tribute to the music of Joe Henderson and beyond

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Peter Hertmans - Guitar    
Jeroen Van Herzeele - Tenor saxophone    
Sal La Rocca - Double bass    
Jan de Haas - Drums    


Ode For Joe  


1.   Power to the people      
  Joe Henderson
2.   Contemplation      
  McCoy Tyner
3.   Four by five      
  McCoy Tyner
4.   Search for peace      
  McCoy Tyner
5.   Inner urge      
  Joe Henderson
6.   Black Narcissus      
  Joe Henderson
7.   Serenity      
  Joe Henderson
"Peter Hertmans is one of those jazz artists who would love and play and go on loving and playing all that jazz, eventually adding to it the unmistakable sound of their own voices and the twists and turns of their own musical thinking.
Tenor sax player Jeroen Van Herzeele, whose lyrical romanticism (or vice versa) led the music in other directions.
Ode for Joe will prove to be another necessary milestone in the quest to find out about the music beyond music, about the mystery of our becoming more ignorant the closer we come to sheer beauty."
excerpts from Marc Van den Hoof's liner notes

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