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Hermia - Ceccaldi - Darrifourcq
Hermia - Ceccaldi - Darrifourcq
Kaiju eats cheeseburgers
Record Labels Hector/Full Rhizome
Released September 2020
Media cd
Recorded October 2019
  Studio Dart by Mathieu Pion

Manuel Hermia - Saxophones    
Valentin Ceccaldi - Cello    
Sylvain Darrifourq - Drums, Percussion, zither    


Hermia - Ceccaldi - Darrifourcq  


1.   Kaiju eats cheeseburgers      
  Valentin Ceccaldi
2.   Marie Antoinette      
  Valentin Ceccaldi
3.   Disruption      
  Manuel Hermia
4.   Bye bye charbon      
  Valentin Ceccaldi
5.   Collapse in sportswear      
  Sylvain Darrifourcq
Texte également disponible en français 

In this second repertoire, the Franco-Belgian trio consisting of saxophonist Manuel Hermia, cellist Valentin Ceccaldi and drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq explores the sound that made them famous in Europe. The wild energy and great intensity communicated by the three musicians still contribute to a unique time-bound experience. Closer to a defined outline, their original process seems more and more clear.
The energetic potential of instrumentation is used to its fullest: from a minimalist and noisy friction of the bow to a sound typhoon, the trio explores these extreme fields with the same eagerness. The new tones created by the sound objects of Sylvain Darrifourcq resonate perfectly with the creative cello of Valentin Ceccaldi: melodic, harmonic and percussive, all at once. Manuel Hermia exerts a powerful lyricism to this mechanical thread reaching a cathartic outburst.
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