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Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio
Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio
Record Labels Hypnote Records
Phonographic reference HR001
Released September 29, 2017
Media cd
Recorded July 2016
  WallStudio Music by Jonas Verrijdt
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Giuseppe Millaci - Double bass    
Amaury Faye - Piano    
Lionel Beuvens - Drums    


Vogue Trio  


1.   Nostalgia Op.1      
2.   Imagining The Fourth Dimension      
3.   Travel To      
4.   Unknown Land /      
5.   Song For Clarice      
6.   Crazy Night, Lazy Day      
7.   Room 317      
8.   Lollipop      
9.   Skylark      

All compositions by Giuseppe Millaci except “Skylark” by Hoagy Carmichael.

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