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Fred Wilbaux / Manuel Hermia / Nicolas Thys
Fred Wilbaux / Manuel Hermia / Nicolas Thys
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 130
Released 1996
Media cd
Recorded July 1996
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Fred Wilbo - Piano   = Fred Wilbaux
Manuel Hermia - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Nicolas Thys - Double bass    


Fred Wilbaux Trio  


1.   Damu      
  Manu Hermia
2.   Chronaxie    
  Fred Wilbaux
3.   ID lock      
  Nicolas Thys
4.   De ci, de là: de ci    
  Fred Wilbaux
5.   Nuits Roumaines      
  Manu Hermia
6.   De ci, de là: de là      
  Fred Wilbaux
7.   Waiting in New-York      
  Manu Hermia
8.   l'Ode à muse      
  Fred Wilbaux
9.   La Valse de schizo      
  Manu Hermia
10.   Angles      
  Fred Wilbaux
11.   The wind      
  R.Freeman, J.Gladstone
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In 1995 Fred formed a purely acoustic trio together with Manuel HERMIA, the multi-talented saxophonist who had just released his first CD entitled "Acid Colours" (4AM) and Nicolas THYS, who had been a revelation playing double bass on the Belgian scene over the last two years.
Three new talents are united here in a vibrant alliance that creates a superb atmosphere, playing personal compositions whose melodies are a privilege to listen to.

The fluid, lyrical offering of these young artists, based on such magnificently simple themes, will leave you utterly enchanted.

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