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Frank Vaganée Trio feat. John Ruocco
Frank Vaganée Trio feat. John Ruocco
Two Trios
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 016
Released 1999
Media cd
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Frank Vaganée - Alto saxophone, Composer    
John Ruocco - Tenor saxophone    
Rosario Bonaccorso - Double bass    
Dré Pallemaerts - Drums    


Frank Vaganée Trio  


1.   Turnaround      
  Ornette Coleman
2.   Walking Away    
  Frank Vaganée
3.   Triopiece One    
  Frank Vaganée
4.   Reflections      
  Thelonious Monk
5.   Riff from a Cliff      
  Frank Vaganée
6.   The Hopper      
  Frank Vaganée
7.   Ask Me Now      
  Thelonious Monk
"TWO TRIOS" may seem a strange title for a quartet recording. Frank Vaganée's reason for this, however, is given in the opening blues already - Ornette Coleman's 'Turnaround'.

After two ensemble choruses, Frank and John soloing consecutively form a tight trio with Rosario and Dré - each following their own concept. After the repeat theme, the number peters out in a long ride-out : partly individual, partly fuga, partly counterpoint and partly question and answer. Bassist Rosario finishes serenely, without the other trio. Quite a story, that only finishes at the end of the CD.

An intense tour of 15 consecutive concerts in Flanders and Brussels preceded the recording in the PAR HASARD STUDIO. The repertoire - largely that of Frank's legendary Monday night Hopper trio with Philippe Aerts and Dré Pallemaerts acquired more than just an extra dimension thanks to guest performer John Ruocco, both in the ensembles and the two built-in trios. Listen to how John's solo develops from Rosario's ostinato and Dré's fills. So far one of the trios. Frank's performance of 'Isfahan' being the other one.

The repertoire : four Frank originals, four standards with this in common that they are not Broadway standards. They are merely 'early ones' within the composer's context. 'Turnaround' was recorded as early February 1959 by Ornette for his LP 'Tomorrow Is The Question' (his second one on the Contemporary label), 'Ask Me Now' is an early Blue Note-track of Monk's from July '51, 'Reflections' (Dec '52) comes from 'Monk's Mood' on Prestige. The 'Far East Suite' by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn contains impressions of two Asian tours (1963 and 1964), but 'Isfahan' was written and recorded once before the band ever went there… Early, in other words.

Did I hear someone inquire about the trios' musicians ? A youngster (Dré Pallemaerts, 1964), and a slightly less young one (Rosario Bonaccorso, 1957 - born the very day the TV film 'The Sound Of Jazz' was recorded) in the rhythm section. Same with the reeds : an 'oldie' (John Ruocco, 1952) and a 'young' chap (Frank Vaganée, 1966). 2 + 2 = 4 = 3 + 3 …"

Sim Simons

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