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Flat Earth Society
Flat Earth Society
FES-XLS #Thebox
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL257
Released August 2014
Media 15 cd's
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Peter Vermeersch - Composer, Clarinet, Bass clarinet    
& Flat Earth Society / X-Legged Sally      


FES (Flat Earth Society)  

Texte également disponible en français 
3 new albums and 12 digital reissues compiled in #Thebox A collectors item for fans of the non-genre.

Peter Vermeersch, the no-nonsense artist, clarinetist, saxophonist, keyboardist, composer and producer, seduced many music lovers worldwide with Maximalist! (Igloo + 1984), X-Legged Sally and Flat Earth Society. We could (or should) wait until his death to release the rather pompous "Peter Vermeersch Anthology ', and sell millions of cd’s to deeply moved fans. But we don’t.

Igloo Records is now releasing 3 unpublished albums, 12 digital reissues, a poster, unseen photos. All this in a beautifully designed cardboard box. A summary of a prolific career through 15 albums, of which 3 unreleased:

1. ‘Boat & Berg': Flat Earth Society, Josse De Pauw and soprano Rolande Van der Paal sing the tragic fate of an iceberg in 1912.

2. 'Call sheets, Riders & Chicken Mushroom (live recordings 2000-2012)': Flat Earth Society at its best: 15 tracks from 13 live concerts. Guests: Jimi Tenor, Uri Caine, Ernst Reijseger, Toots Thielemans, Wim Opbrouck.

3. 'X-Legged Sally compilation (1986-1997)': XL S was the first avant-garde jazz-rock group in Belgium and they were the first to slice down this description. 19 tracks have been remastered for this occasion.

7 digital reissue of Flat Earth Society - in HR format : Live at the Beursschouwburg, BONK, Larf, Minoes, Trap, The Armstrong Mutations, Answer Songs

5 digital reissue of X-Legged Sally - also in HR format : Slow Up, Killed by Charity, The Land of the Giant Dwarfs, F.I.R.E.D., Bereft of a Bliss Full Union

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