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FES (Flat earth society orchestra)
FES (Flat earth society orchestra)
Boggamasta III
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL327LP
Released May 28, 2021
Media vinyl / digital
Recorded October 2020 - November 2020
  Werkplaats Walter, Brussels and Johnny Green giant studio, Gent, by Laurens Ingels.
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Peter Vermeersch - Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Vocals, Electronics    
David 9½ Bovée - Electric guitar, Vocals, Electronics    
Benjamin Boutreur - Alto saxophone    
Michel Mast - Tenor saxophone    
Marti Mélia - Tenor saxophone    
Bruno Vansina - Baritone saxophone, Flute    
Peter Delannoye - Trombone    
Marc Meeuwissen - Trombone    
Berlinde Deman - Tuba, Vocals    
Pauline Leblond - Trumpet, Vocals    
Bart Maris - Trumpet    
Wim Segers - Vocals, Percussion    
Peter Vandenberghe - Keyboards, Piano    
Kristof Roseeuw - Double bass    
Mirko Banovic - Electric bass    
Teun Verbruggen - Drums    


FES (Flat Earth Society)  


1.   Dust from the stars      
  David 9½ Bovée
2.   Trust in me      
  Robert & Richard Sherman
3.   Cryptoman      
  Peter Vermeersch
4.   Sit rise      
  David 9½ Bovée
5.   What      
  Peter Vermeersch
6.   Carbon based      
  David 9½ Bovée
7.   Bury the corn      
  Peter Vermeersch
8.   Moog for you      
  Peter Vermeersch
9.   Breathe in the color pink      
  David 9½ Bovée, Peter Vermeersch
10.   Slave driver      
  David 9½ Bovée, Peter Vermeersch

3 and 9 only digital (bonus tracks)

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