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Fapy Lafertin New Quartet
Fapy Lafertin New Quartet
Record Labels Fremeaux
Phonographic reference FA 8576
Released April 10, 2020
Media cd
Recorded 2017
  Tintigny (B)
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Fapy Lafertin - Guitar    
Alexandre Tripodi - Violin    
Renaud Dardenne - Guitar    
Cédric Raymond - Double bass    


Fapy Lafertin New Quartet  


1.   Torontoi emlek      
  Sandor Jaroka
2.   La belle vie      
  Sacha Distel / Jean Broussolle
3.   My romance      
  Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart
4.   Vibracoes      
  Jacob Do Bandolim
5.   The Baltic      
  Cédric Raymond
6.   Turn      
  Fapy Lafertin
7.   Cinzano      
  Fapy Lafertin
8.   Fantaisie en sol      
  Alexandre Tripodi
9.   It's alright with me      
  Cole Porter
10.   Pixinguinha em Lisboa      
  Renaud Dardenne
11.   Japanese sandman      
  Whiting / Egan
12.   Plachterida      
  Fapy Lafertin
13.   Carnation      
  Fapy Lafertin
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