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Fabien Degryse
Fabien Degryse
Hommage à René Thomas
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 134
Released May 1997
Media cd

As a result of an initiative of guitarist Fabien Degryse, some of the best Belgian jazz guitarists of the moment gather here to pay a tribute to the late René Thomas.

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Fabien Degryse - Guitar, Arranger, leader    
Philip Catherine - Guitar    
Paolo Radoni - Guitar, Arranger    
Peter Hertmans - Guitar    
Jeanfrançois Prins - Guitar    
Jacques Pirotton - Guitar    
Karel Van Deun - Guitar    
Pierre Van Dormael - Guitar    
Mimi Verderame - Guitar    
Hans Van Oost - Guitar    
Hendrik Braeckman - Guitar    
Patrick Deltenre - Guitar    
Jean Warland - Double bass    
Félix Simtaine - Drums    


Hommage à René Thomas  


1.   I Remember Sonny    
  René Thomas
2.   Meeting    
  R. Thomas
3.   The Real Cat      
  R. Thomas
4.   Hannie's Dream      
  Amedeo Tomasi
5.   Auto Buzz      
  R. Thomas
6.   Ballad For My Dad      
  R. Thomas
7.   Juliette      
  R. Thomas
8.   Florence      
  R. Thomas
9.   Ballad For Léo      
  R. Thomas
10.   Indicatif      
  R. Thomas
11.   Theme For Manuel      
  R. Thomas
12.   Relaxin' At The Grand Balcon      
  R. Thomas

Music by René Thomas, arranged by Fabien Degryse & Paolo Radoni

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