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Fabien Degryse
Fabien Degryse
Finger swingin'
Record Labels Midnight Muse Records
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference MM-1102
Released November 26, 2011
Media cd

Fabien Degryse - Acoustic guitar    


Fabien Degryse (solo)  


1.   Bock to bock      
  B. Montgomery
2.   Fly me to the moon      
  B. Howard
3.   The night has a thousand eyes      
  J. Brainin, B. Bernier
4.   (In my) Solitude      
  D. Ellington, E. De Lange, J. Mills
5.   All the things you are      
  J. Kern, O. Hammerstein
6.   Do nothing till you hear from me      
  D. Ellington, B. Russel
7.   All Blues      
  Miles Davis
8.   If I should loose you      
  R. Rainger, L. Robin
9.   Lucky Southern      
  K. Jarrett
10.   Anthropology      
  C. Parker, D. Gillespie
11.   Seven steps to heaven      
  V. Feldman, M. Davis
12.   Little one I'll miss you      
  B. Green, A. Lincoln
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