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Fabien Degryse Trio
Fabien Degryse Trio
The Heart of the Acoustic Guitar
Record Labels Midnight Muse Records
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference MMR-0701
Released May 1, 2007
Media cd
Recorded November 2006

Fabien Degryse - Acoustic guitar    
Bart De Nolf - Double bass    
Bruno Castellucci - Drums    


Fabien Degryse Trio  


1.   Dreams and goals    
2.   Aléa      
3.   Fatima      
4.   Da Ann blues      
5.   Time for some sun      
6.   Waltz for life      
7.   The odd party      
8.   Back to the roots      
9.   Part I : away from your love      
10.   Part II : it's a long, long journey    
11.   Part III : back home      

all compositions by Fabien Degryse

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