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Erwin Vann
Erwin Vann
Let's call Ed
Record Labels HornPlayer
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference HornPlayer001
Released August 2005
Media cd
Recorded July 7, 2005
  GAM Studio, Waimes
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Erwin Vann - Tenor saxophone, Electronics    
Jozef Dumoulin - Fender Rhodes, Electronics    
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - Electric bass, Electronics    
Dré Pallemaerts - Drums    


Erwin Vann Group / Let’s Call Ed  


1.   Twister    
  Let's call Ed
2.   In the air    
  Let's call Ed
3.   He knew before Sally      
  Let's call Ed
4.   Seven bombs      
  Let's call Ed
5.   She realized it was too early      
  Let's call Ed
6.   Stone / Water      
  Let's call Ed
7.   Hunny I'm home      
  Jozef Dumoulin
8.   Call this      
  Let's call Ed
9.   You remind me of Frank      
  Let's call Ed
10.   They met      
  Let's call Ed

Composed/improvised by the group except where otherwise mentioned

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