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Erwin Vann / Peter Hertmans
Erwin Vann / Peter Hertmans
  Self-produced album
Released January 25, 2021
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Recorded Peter Hertmans Home Studio, Dworp (B)
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Erwin Vann - Tenor saxophone, Tampura, bells    
Peter Hertmans - Guitars, Bass guitar    
Renato Martins - Cajon, caxixi   on # 2, 5, 6


Erwin Vann / Peter Hertmans Duo  


1.   Compassion      
1.   India      
1.   Wise one      
1.   Naima      
1.   Your lady      
1.   Tunji      

Compositions by John Coltrane

The music of John Coltrane has always inspired musicians thanks to its spiritual depth. The many layers in Coltrane’s music can lead to a multitude of personal interpretations. This recording focuses on the depth and simplicity of pure sound. Guitar and saxophone coincide in a complementary space and hope to take you, the listener, to the pure essence of this eternal music. This way, Coltrane’s compositions are starting points for a deeply personal inner exploration.
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