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Eric Thielemans
Eric Thielemans
Tears of Madonna
  Self-produced album
Released May 2010
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Recorded 2007 - 2009
  The Location, Antwerp (B) + home

Digital album.

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Eric Thielemans - Drums and percussion    


1.   Dark waters      
2.   Dances in Episodes for soundmapped bass drum      
3.   Big feedbacking fish      
4.   Miniatures of touch makes the dog bark      
5.   Tears of Madonna      
6.   Bikewheel on bassskin      
7.   Raindrops & chopsticks Belgian style      
8.   A snare is a bell      

Music composed/improvised by Eric Thielemans.
"This collection of solo works comes from three different recording sessions (2007-2009) in as many specific acoustic environments. Each track was recorded in one take except for track 4, which is a collection of touch-is-sound files, as I like to call them. There has been no editing involved inside the pieces."

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