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Emmanuelle Somer / Marc Mangen Quartet
Emmanuelle Somer / Marc Mangen Quartet
  Self-produced album
Released January 2001
Media cd
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Emmanuelle Somer - Oboe, English horn    
Marc Mangen - Piano    
Lindsey Horner - Double bass    
Jarrod Cagwin - Drums    


Somer / Mangen Quartet  


1.   Discloser    
2.   The Eastern Window    
3.   Search For Peace      
4.   Sunrise      
5.   Mélusine      
6.   ...And His Name Was Dream      
7.   Song For "R"      
8.   Thanks      
9.   Looking Into The Sea      
10.   Ulysses      
11.   Ship Sailing North      

Compositions by Emmanuelle Somer and Marc Mangen

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