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Eddy Loozen
Eddy Loozen
Unexpected gatherings
  Self-produced album
Released 2014
Media cd

Eddy Loozen - Piano    
Ronald Lecourt - Vibraphone    
Mirko Bozzetto - Digeridoo    
Sonny Troupé - Drums    


1.   Seeking voices in a yellow smog      
2.   If you want      
3.   Our first duo      
4.   In an Eddy way of meeting Sonny or vs      
5.   Our "Le pénitencier"      
6.   Unexpected gatherings      
7.   Não sou nada - I'll never be nothing      
8.   Let's extend our meeting      
9.   We want to go on      
10.   2 birds in Brussels singing for Véro      
11.   Intro to "Round about midnight" revisited      
12.   Seeking voices in a yellow smog      
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