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Echoes of zoo
Echoes of zoo
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Released March 5, 2021
Media lp / digital
Recorded Studio Boma (Gent) by Frederik Segers
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Nathan Daems - Tenor saxophone, nyahbingi drum    
Bart Vervaeck - Electric guitar    
Lieven Van Pee - Double bass    
Falk Schrauwen - Drums    


Echoes of Zoo  


1.   Breakout      
2.   Monkey burns lab      
3.   Bull blood boiling      
4.   Rilker's panther      
5.   Dance around bullets   5:21  
6.   Lab mouse mayhem      
7.   Adrenaline run   4:18  
8.   Diversionary tactics      

All tracks composed by Nathan Daems and arranged by Echoes of Zoo.

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