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Never pet a burning dog
Record Labels Moonjune records
Released 2010
Media cd
Recorded August 2009
  Sebastian da Po (I)
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Michel Delville - Guitar, Roland GR-09    
Alex Maguire - Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, Synthesizer, Mellotron    
Tony Bianco - Drums    
+ guest :      
Richard Sinclair - Electric bass, Vocals    




1.   Corale di San Luca      
2.   Laughter      
3.   Over Birkerot      
  Michel Delville (arrangement), Terje Rypdal
4.   Sea      
5.   Passing cloud      
  Maguire / Sinclair
6.   Cosmic surgery    
  Michel Delville
7.   Aeon      
8.   Beppe's shelter    
  Michel Delville
‘Never Pet a Burning Dog’ (Moonjune Records), shows that douBt is not just another power trio mixing elements of jazz, rock, prog, free and electronic music. The band has clearly developed a unique sound, with moods and registers ranging from heavy-rock riffs to cosmic grooves and on to more lyrical and pastoral flavors. This sensational trio sounds like nothing less than the missing link between Sun Ra, John Zorn’s Masada, Squarepusher, the Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth and Ennio Morricone.
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