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Deep In The Deep
Deep In The Deep
Snake Ear
Record Labels J.A.S.
Phonographic reference J.A.S. 004
Released June 2000
Media cd
Recorded December 1997
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Antoine Prawerman - Bass clarinet, Composer    
Bo Van Der Werf - Baritone saxophone    
Pierre Van Dormael - Guitar    
Kris Defoort - Piano    
Otti Van Der Werf - Electric bass    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    


Deep in the Deep  


1.   Rose et Marguerite      
2.   On Growth and Form      
3.   Snake Ear Part Two      
4.   Snake Ear Part Three      
5.   Snake Ear Part Four      
6.   Snake Ear Part One      
7.   On Growth and Form Tribute to D'Arcy Thompson    

Compositions by Antoine Prawerman

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