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David Linx and the Brussels Jazz Orchestra
David Linx and the Brussels Jazz Orchestra
Changing faces
Record Labels O+ music
Phonographic reference OP127 HM 87
Released September 27, 2007
Media cd
Distribution Harmonia Mundi
Recorded February 2007
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David Linx - Vocals    
Frank Vaganée - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Flute, leader    
Dieter Limbourg - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet, Flute    
Kurt Van Herck - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet, Flute    
Bart Defoort - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet    
Bo Van Der Werf - Baritone saxophone, Bass clarinet    
Serge Plume - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Nico Schepers - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Pierre Drevet - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Gino Lattuca - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Marc Godfroid - Trombone    
Lode Mertens - Trombone    
Ben Fleerakkers - Trombone    
Laurent Hendrick - Bass trombone    
Nathalie Loriers - Piano    
Hendrik Braeckman - Guitar    
Jos Machtel - Double bass    
Martijn Vink - Drums    
+ guests :      
Natalie Dessay - Vocals    
Maria Joao - Vocals    
Ivan Lins - Vocals    
Minino Garay - Percussion    
Manu Codjia - Guitar    
La choraline (The childrens choir of La Monnaie) - Vocals and choir    

Guests : Natalie Dessay, Maria Joao, Ivan Lins, Minino Garay, Manu Codjia, Choraline (Childrens choir of the Opéra de la Monnaie in Brussels)...


Brussels Jazz Orchestra  


1.   Deep night      
  R. Vallee (music), R. Vallee (lyrics), Lode Mertens (arrangement)
2.   Down on Lovers Lane      
  David Linx (music), David Linx (lyrics), Patrice Foudon (arrangement)
3.   Black crow a suite which also includes "A bird in the distance" (music : Michel Herr) and "Dark and ragged" (music : Herr/lyrics : Linx)    
  Joni Mitchell (music), Joni Mitchell (lyrics), Michel Herr (arrangement)
4.   Bilhete with Ivan Lins    
  Ivan Lins (music), Victor Martins (lyrics), Stéphane Guillaume (arrangement)
5.   Then we'll be home      
  Sade Shepard (music), Gyuri Spies (arrangement), Sade Shepard
6.   A day's journey    
  Diederik Wissels (music), David Linx (lyrics), Frank Vaganée (arrangement)
7.   Home in the spring with Natalie Dessay    
  Traditional & Steffan Lytton (music), Diederik Wissels (arrangement)
8.   The land of joy Intro to the land of Joy (music & arr. : Carlos Azevedo)  
  Diederik Wissels (music), David Linx (lyrics), Carlos Azevedo (arrangement)
9.   Por toda minha vida with Maria Joao    
  Antonio Carlos Jobim (music), Vinicius De Moraes (lyrics)
10.   Miziane with Maria Joao    
  David Linx (music), David Linx (lyrics), Laurent Cugny (arrangement)
11.   There is you      
  David Linx (music), David Linx (lyrics), Pierre Drevet (arrangement)
12.   Sweet suite      
  Mario Laginha (music), Mario Laginha (arrangement)
13.   +      
14.   For the time being (not on the the cd : free download bonus track)    
  Bert Joris (music), Suzie Scragg (lyrics)

Compositions & arrangements by Diederik Wissels, Mario Laginha, Laurent Cugny, Bert Joris, Frank Vaganée, Carlos Azevedo, Michel Herr, Pierre Drevet, Patrice Foudon, Lode Mertens, Guri Spies, Stéphane Guillaume, etc...

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featuring The land of joy (Diederik Wissels/David Linx)

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