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Rebel Heart
Record Labels NBTM
Phonographic reference 5408
Released December 1999
Media cd

Released in the US.

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Frankie Rose - Guitar    
Vincent Bruyninckx - Keyboards    
Jacques Pili - Electric bass    
Michel Moliterno - Drums    




1.   Je suis toujours là    
  Frankie Rose
2.   Dolce Vita    
  Jacques Pili
3.   Like There's no tomorrow      
  Frankie Rose
4.   Rebel Heart      
  Frankie Rose
5.   She stands alone      
  Frankie Rose
6.   My Girl      
  Frankie Rose
7.   Myriam      
  Frankie Rose
8.   Luna      
  Jacques Pili
" Frankie Rose and his group Colours contacted me several months ago pointing me to their website to listen to a new song. I was intrigued by the song and wondered when the new CD would be out. In fact I contacted Frankie Rose several times in anxious anticipation of the release. Well, it has arrived, and it was well worth the wait.

Colours seems to be a very fitting name for the group as they take jazz and bring out all the colors of the music by using various other genre influences to make a very appealing and smooth blend of jazz-rock-pop. It is contemporary and fusion all dropped into the same cauldron and stirred ever so gently for a beautiful versatile musical soup. An interesting variety of artists from around the world makes up the group Colours; Frankie Rose-Ireland (guitar), Michel Moliterno-Italy (drums and percussion), Jaques Pili-Italy (electric bass) and Vincent Bruyninckx-Belgium (keyboards and piano). The music is as diverse and varied as the backgrounds and cultures that the members come from.

Frankie's guitar is the featured instrument. His talents are exceptionally original and strong. Rose uses an excellent supporting cast in an effective manner to offer the listener various interpretations of his own style of jazz guitar playing. On a few of the tracks I was reminded of Al DiMeola's release "Soaring Through A Dream." Airto Moreira was a featured artist on percussion and vocals. The vocal style that was used on the tracks was hauntingly similar to what was heard on DiMeola's release. It all sounds very appropriate and works as a wonderful companion to the soundtrack. You get nothing but the music on this CD.

A very fine effort worthy enough to find a place in anyone's jazz library.

    -MuzikMan/Jan. 08, 2000
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