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Claudio Roditi / Klaus Ignatzek / Jean-Louis Rassinfosse
Claudio Roditi / Klaus Ignatzek / Jean-Louis Rassinfosse
Record Labels Nagel Heyer
Phonographic reference CD 2065
Released November 2005
Media cd
Recorded August 25, 2005 - August 27, 2005
  Dada Studio, Brussels
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Claudio Roditi - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Klaus Ignatzek - Piano    
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - Double bass    


1.   Reflections      
2.   Minor Ex      
3.   Soul Mood Song      
4.   Ow!      
5.   Another Time      
6.   One for Chet      
7.   Con Alma      
  Dizzy Gillespie
8.   Warm Breeze      
  K. Ignatzek
9.   On the Way      
10.   Three Steps Ahead      
  Klaus Ignatzek
11.   Blue Moments      
  K. Ignatzek
This set features chamber jazz from a top-notch trumpet-piano-bass trio. Trumpeter-flugelhornist Claudio Roditi is mostly the lead voice due to the nature of his instrument, but in reality all three musicians contribute equally to the music's success. In addition to two songs by Dizzy Gillespie ('Ow!' and 'Con Alma') the repertoire consists of eight originals from pianist Klaus Ignatzek and one from Jean-Louis Rassinfosse. Despite the absence of standards, the sound of the group is reminiscent of the Chet Baker Trio of the 1980s, groups that sometimes included bassist Jean-Louis Rassinfosse. In general this is pleasant easy listening music, even the up-tempo numbers, due to the group's low volume, tasteful playing and melodic improvising.

Roditi is often presented on records and in concert as a big band power player but here we have an appealing illustration of the intimate and elegant sides of his musical personality. Nevertheless this is very much a trio of equals with each player listening to the others and developing their ideas and moods. They are all inventive, melodic swingers so their music plays to the head, the heart and the feet. This is an album that is likely to grow on the listener for its honest jazz values.

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