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Chrystel Wautier
Chrystel Wautier
The Stolen Book
Record Labels Published by Bonzaï Booking and Management & Chrystel Wautier
Phonographic reference BON170601
Released October 2, 2017
Media cd & digital
Recorded EGS Studio (La Louvière) by Jeff Ginouvès - Mixed by Cédric Raymond
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Chrystel Wautier - Vocals    
Cédric Raymond - Keyboards    
Lorenzo Di Maio - Guitar    
Jacques Pili - Bass    
Jérôme Klein - Drums    
Michel Seba - Percussion    


Chrystel Wautier  


1.   The Waiting   4:19  
  Chrystel Wautier, Cédric Raymond
2.   Into the Dust   3:40  
  David Caggiari/Age of giants
3.   Far Away   4:04  
  Chrystel Wautier
4.   Le soleil donne   3:42  
  Alain Souchon / Laurent Voulzy
5.   Beauty Is a Mistery   2:49  
  Chrystel Wautier
6.   Let's Fall   3:22  
  Chrystel Wautier
7.   The Stolen Book   4:25  
  Chrystel Wautier, Cédric Raymond
8.   On Sunday   3:15  
  Chrystel Wautier, Lorenzo Di Maio
9.   Conversations   3:49  
  Chrystel Wautier, Cédric Raymond
10.   My Love and I (Love song from the Apache)   4:11  
  David Raksin / John Mercer
11.   A Warrior   4:34  
  Chrystel Wautier
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