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Chrystel Wautier Trio
Chrystel Wautier Trio
Peace of Time
Record Labels EGS Production
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference EG032
Released April 10, 2010
Media cd
Recorded EGS Studio, La Louvière, Belgium

Chrystel Wautier - Vocals    
Quentin Liégeois - Guitar    
Boris Schmidt - Double bass    
+ guests :      
Ben Sluijs - Alto saxophone, Flute    
Cédric Raymond - Fender Rhodes    


Chrystel Wautier Trio  


1.   Whisper not      
  Benny Golson
2.   Old devil moon      
  Burton Lane
3.   Hope    
  Quentin Liégeois, Chrystel Wautier
4.   Doralice      
  João Gilberto
5.   You're driving me crazy      
  Walter Donaldson
6.   But beautiful      
  Jimmy Van Heusen / Johnny Burke
7.   Magic meets reality    
  Chrystel Wautier
8.   East of the sun      
  B. Bowman
9.   Eu quero um Samba      
  João Gilberto
10.   Day in day out      
  Rube Bloom / Johnny Mercer
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