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Chris Joris
Chris Joris
Songs For Mbizo
Record Labels Jazz'Halo - Tonesetters - VKH
Phonographic reference VKH TS001
Released 2002
Media cd
Recorded July 1976 - 1991
  1976 : Brugge (B), by Ron Cottam; 1991 : Herent (B), by Allan Ward

sessions from 1976 and 1991 (reissue)

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Chris Joris - Piano, Percussion   all sessions
Johnny Dyani - Double bass   1976
David Lee Schloss - Tenor saxophone   1976
Michel Mast - Tenor saxophone   1976
Julian Sebothane Bahula - African Drums   1976
Cheikh Tidiane Fall - Congas, Percussion   1976
Frans Pelgrims - Drums   1976
John Ruocco - Tenor saxophone, Alto Clarinet   1991
Steve Houben - Flute, Alto flute   1991
Frank Vaganée - Alto saxophone   1991
Bob Stewart - Tubas   1991
Christoph Erbstoesser - Piano   1991
Frans Van Der Hoeven - Double bass   1991
Dré Pallemaerts - Drums   1991
David Linx - Vocals   1991


1.   The White Side Of Black      
  Chris Joris
2.   Rivers      
  Chris Joris
3.   Lullaby For Ephraïm      
  Chris Joris
4.   Panontigri      
  Chris Joris, Tidiane Fall
5.   Part 1: Morning      
6.   Part 2: Invitation      
7.   Part 3: Village Dance      
8.   Song For Mbizo part I      
  Chris Joris
9.   Blowin’ Your Bow To The Berimbob      
  Chris Joris, Bob Stewart
10.   Berimbau      
  Chris Joris
11.   Shaya Sebothane      
  Chris Joris
12.   Dance Of The Mulatos    
  Chris Joris
13.   Monody In A Moonlit Night      
  Chris Joris
14.   Song For Mbizo part II      
  Chris Joris (music), David Linx (lyrics)
15.   November 30th    
  Chris Joris
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  • "This is an example of how you compose a CD and how you keep it interesting until the ultimate second. " Sim Simons in "Muziek, een Privilege" (Belgium), September 1991

  • "Dyani’s death in 1988 provoked a remarkable number of albums paying respect to his memory and example. ‘Songs For Mbizo’ can hold its head up next to the best of those tributes. " Barry Witherden in "The Wire" (U.K.), October 1993

  • "Buy a Belgian beer, turn down the lights, and listen to the piano while David Linx sings ‘Song for Mbizo’. " L. S. in "The Improvisor", volume X, 1993

  • "Belgian pianist/percussionist Chris Joris recorded these sessions with tubaist Bob Stewart and South African bassist Johnny (Mbizo) Dyani back in 1976. Sadly, Dyani passed away in 1988, while additional tracks emanating from 1991 sessions featuring Stewart and a conglomerate of European artists round out this effort.
    Joris’ knowledge and implementations of wide ranging rhythmic structures come to fruition on this gem of a release. Throughout these pieces, Joris performs on berimbau (including a lovely duet with Stewart), various percussion instruments, ethnocentric flutes, and piano. As a pianist the artist generally hits the right notes, or sweet spots via harmonically rich block chords and Bill Evans-ish right hand leads. However, his shrewd arrangements and clever integrations of sonorous horn parts with world groove percussion romps provide many of the highlights. The piece titled "Dance of the Mulatos," features Steve Houben’s enchanting flute work coupled with the septet’s budding undercurrents and breezy arrangements. Many of these works boast world beat rhythms of various flavors and colors, whereas Joris’ compositions generally contain memorably melodic choruses amid a few stirring ballads and rousing opuses. Joris isn’t that well known here in the states but has been garnering percussion-based awards over in Europe while fronting various ensembles. To a certain extent, Joris was ahead of his time and now’s your chance to find out why. Passionately recommended."
    Glenn Astarita,
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