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Chris Joris
Chris Joris
Live - Into The Light
Record Labels AZ Productions
Phonographic reference FAZ 8004
Released January 2005
Media dvd
Recorded 2004

Documentary film (music and interviews) on Chris Joris made in 2004 by director Ken Kamanayo, and released on this DVD in January 2005.
With the "Chris Joris Experience" and the "Brotherhood of Sangoma".

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Chris Joris - Percussion, Piano, Djembe    
Pierre Vaiana - Soprano saxophone    
Cécile Broché - Violin    
Free Desmyter - Piano    
Chris Mentens - Double bass    
Fabrice Alleman - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Pieter Thys - Guitar    
Frédéric Malempré - Percussion    
Dieudonné Kabongo - Narr, Likembe    
Ken N'diaye - Narr, Djembe    
Ben Ngabo - Narr, Vocals, Ngoma's    
N'faly Kouyate - Kora, Vocals, Bal.    
Fred Becker - Soprano saxophone    
Josephate Bawayi - Vocals    
Jean Bosco Safari - Guitar    


Chris Joris Experience  


1.   prologue      
2.   out of the night      
  Chris Joris
3.   Likembé story      
4.   Bihogo      
  Chris Joris
5.   African drums      
6.   June 25      
  Chris Joris
7.   Mal      
  Chris Joris
8.   Friday the 12th      
  Chris Joris
9.   On Children's street      
  Chris Joris
10.   ballad for a tortured Africa      
  Chris Joris
11.   Kwaheri      
  Chris Joris
12.   Percussion      
13.   Kazungu      
  Chris Joris, J.B.Safari
14.   The long way home      
  Chris Mentens
15.   bass solo      
  Chris Mentens
16.   Autumn child      
  Chris Joris
17.   epilogue - Kobiyé      
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