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Chris Joris
Chris Joris
Record Labels Lyrae Records
Phonographic reference LY 9506002
Released June 1995
Media cd
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Chris Joris - Percussion    
Pierre Vaiana - Soprano saxophone    
Cameron Brown - Bass    
Annie Whitehead - Vocals    
Dieudonné Bashila Kabongo - Vocals    
Didier Labarre - Percussion    
Frédéric Malempré - Percussion    
Michel Seba - Percussion    




1.   Bihogo    
  Chris Joris
2.   To Yassin      
  C. Joris
3.   One For Joe      
  Pierre Vaiana
4.   Naima's Tree    
  C. Joris
5.   Konchu, The Wind      
  C. Joris
6.   The Kiss      
  C. Joris
7.   Chat With Annie      
  C. Joris
8.   Irungu      
  C. Joris
9.   Zapata's Tune      
  C. Joris
10.   The Window      
  C. Joris
11.   Whambo Lo Mzingeli      
  C. Joris
...Likembe, Djembe, Berimbau, Tres Batas, Djoum-Djoum, Oconcolo, Caxixi's, Itotele are traditional drums featured in the CD's compositions. Drums from all over the world that echo in a far from traditional universe. Chris JORIS indeed uses these drums to give a soul to his passion: jazz. The themes are impregnated with the smell, the heat, the atmosphere of African villages and savanna.
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