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Chris Joris & Daniel Schell
Chris Joris & Daniel Schell
Oratorio Ishango
Record Labels Lyrae Records
Phonographic reference LY 0310-C
Released August 2003
Media cd (2 CD)
Recorded 2003
  Brussels, Belgium
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Daniel Schell - Stick, Guitar, Composer    
Chris Joris - Percussion, Composer    
Fabrice Alleman - Soprano saxophone    
Chris Mentens - Double bass    
Ben N'gabo - Percussion, Vocals    
Ken N'diaye - Djembe    
Dieudonné Kabongo - Narration, Likembe    
Dorothy Cox - Narration    
The French Community of Belgium Symphonic Choir - Choir    


Oratorio Ishango  


1.   Knowledge of the forest      
2.   Nina Yibu le lion      
3.   Mhakure the cobra      
4.   On children's street    
5.   Lake of the liquid cristal      
6.   Yee yee yembo      
7.   Son of Bihogo      
8.   Shuopoka la chenille      
9.   Around the fire      
10.   Kadyok Keta      
11.   Kamante kobra wengo      
12.   Wooden thoughts I      
13.   The story never ends      
1.   Hope for Africa      
2.   A brighter down for African women      
3.   Autumn child    
4.   Dancing around the fire      
5.   Le croix de bronze      
6.   Ishango      
7.   Koyoka      
8.   Depth of the chest      
9.   ond kabsda      
10.   Lizards for fish      
11.   Wooden thoughts II      
12.   I heard a Milonga      
13.   Ik est des enfants      
14.   U fudukazi      
15.   Wooden thoughts II      
16.   Le noir me va bien / Black suits nicely      

Music by Daniel Schell and Chris Joris

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