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Chris Joris & Adama Dramé
Chris Joris & Adama Dramé
Benkadi / in concert
Record Labels Videocam
Phonographic reference VIDEOCAM 981
Released January 1999
Media cd
Recorded November 1996
  Wereldculturencentrum, Antwerp (B)
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Chris Joris - Percussion, Piano    
Adama Dramé - Djembé, Vocals    
Bobagalé Kante Mamadou - Cane Flute    


1.   Benkadi      
  A. Dramé
2.   Zapata's Tune    
  C. Joris
3.   The Sea (La Mer)      
  A. Dramé, C. Joris
4.   Samaya      
  Babagalé, Joris
5.   Ballad for a Tortured Africa      
  C. Joris
6.   Djembé solo      
  A. Dramé
7.   La Lune (The Moon)    
  C. Joris
8.   Langung      
  C. Joris, Dramé
9.   November 30th      
  C. Joris
10.   Haïdra      
  Babagalé, C. Joris
11.   Bis-Bis      
  C. Joris, Dramé, Babagalé
" Chris Joris is also a Belgian Django d'Or winner ('98). He refers to himself as the Tam Tam man. Well, he's much more than that or else he wouldn't be awarded the highest recognition in jazz.

But indeed, Chris is continuously going back to the source and is very much involved with Africa (music, musicians and instruments). Benkadi, after Songs for Mbizo and Bihogo, is a natural addition to the growing series, featuring him with his African friends :Adama Dramé, a master of the djembé and Bobagalé Kante Mamadou on a cane flute.

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