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Charles Loos Trio
Charles Loos Trio
Secret Laughs
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference Igl 234
Released March 2012
Media cd
Recorded July 1983

Reissue on CD of a LP originally released on Jazz Cats (René Gailly), 6983008, then on CD : B. Sharp CDS 096.

Latest release on the Igloo label in 2012 : IGLOO IGL 234

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Charles Loos - Piano    
Riccardo Del Fra - Double bass    
Félix Simtaine - Drums    


1.   Solar      
  Miles Davis
2.   Snameleiht      
  Charles Loos
3.   Secret Laughs      
  Charles Loos
4.   Growlin' Face      
  Charles Loos
5.   Valse de la Mort      
  Charles Loos
6.   Theme for Leo      
  Charles Loos
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