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Charles Loos / André Donni
Charles Loos / André Donni
Just One Of Those Things
Record Labels Wazif
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference WAZIF 5425010750014
Released December 2002
Media cd
Recorded Wazif studio by Bernard Focquet
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André Donni - Clarinet    
Charles Loos - Piano    
Jean Van Lint - Double bass, Vocals    
Luc Vanden Bosch - Drums    


Charles Loos / André Donni Quartet  


1.   Bricks 'n' fields (for Wanda)   7:11
  André Donni
2.   Gospelge   5:57  
  Charles Loos
3.   Blues my naughty sweety gives to me   4:01  
  Swanstone, Mc Carron, Morgan
4.   Ballad for L.K.C   6:29
  André Donni
5.   Growlin' face   6:30  
  Charles Loos
6.   De rien de rien   6:18  
  Charles Loos
7.   Stella by starlight   6:27  
  V. Young
8.   Dark is the night   3:41  
  Jean Van Lint
9.   Just one of those things...   5:50  
  C. Porter
10.   The smile of your shadow   5:58  
  Charles Loos
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