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Castellucci Stringtet
Castellucci Stringtet
Towards The Light
Record Labels Quetzal Records
Phonographic reference QZ 105
Released 1996
Media cd
Recorded 1996

9 original tracks written for jazz quartet and string quartet by Belgian composers :
Erwin Vann, Paolo Radoni, Peter Hertmans, Arnould Massart, Jean-Pierre Catoul.
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Erwin Vann - Saxophones    
Eric Legnini - Piano    
Sal La Rocca - Double bass    
Bruno Castellucci - Drums    
Gudrun Vercampt - 1st Violin    
Françoise Vervoort - 2nd Violin    
Erwin Foubert - Viola    
Michel Boulanger - Cello    


Bruno Castellucci Stringtet  


1.   Time is now    
2.   Yellow and some dark green    
3.   New impressions      
4.   Run to the ballroom      
5.   Is that you?      
6.   Waltz for B.C.      
7.   Good time      
8.   Skin to skin      
9.   Towards the light      
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