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Record Labels Sdban Ultra
Phonographic reference Sdbanucd05p
Released October 4, 2017
Media cd / lp
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Vincent Brijs - Saxophones    
Andrew Claes - Saxophones, EWI, Darbuka    
Jan Willems - Keyboards    
Geert Hellings - Guitar    
Dries Laheye - Electric bass    
Maarten Moesen - Drums    
Stijn Cools - Drums    




1.   De Vlijtige Kip      
2.   Waiho      
3.   Andromeda      
4.   Wizzly Whop      
5.   Mantra      
6.   Jee      
7.   Mighty Mylou      
8.   Zwag      
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Like The Heliocentrics, BRZZVLL is a band mainly known for its repeated collaborations with strong frontmen.

After two inspiring adventures with poets & ‘Nuff Said brothers Anthony Joseph (“Engines”) and Amir Sulaiman (“First Let’s Dance”), BRZZVLL resolutely strikes the instrumental chord on this new album.
The septet performs in its most quintessential form: a cast-iron instrumental core.Don’t expect compelling afrobeat rhythms but a full sound alongside a range of intonations that unveil the various spectra of these virtuoso musicians.
Laid-back sax lines alternate with sharp guitar riffs, backed by the repetitive trance of two duelling drummers.

The album is brimming with heavy grooves, to which the musicians associate uplifting saxes or futuristic keyboard or EWI sounds : a psychedelic cocktail of ‘space meets funk’, not mentioning a cheeky wink at the universe of Sun Ra and similar others.Spellbinding, ominous sounds intersperse with cheerful impetuosity.
Each track subsumes a sort of inherent tension, evolving towards a new balance : hope vs. despair, old vs. new, tradition vs. futurism, mellow vs. impassioned, mesmerizing vs. liberating... BRZZVLL are the shamans of a new musical world !

The standard-bearer on the cover, as well as the title Waiho (Maori for ‘leaving’), refers to what the album epitomizes : a journey to a new world.
A world in which opposites harmonize, differences merge without ever lapsing into a monotonous sludge. A world in which colours point out & contrast.
A world which blurs the boundaries between the sounds from a glorious past and the sounds foreboding a captivating futuristic new world.
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