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Bruno Castellucci
Bruno Castellucci
Lost and found
Record Labels Quetzal Records
Phonographic reference QZ 107
Released March 1998
Media cd
Recorded August 18, 1997
  Jet Studio, Brussels

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Bruno Castellucci - Drums    
John Taylor - Piano    
Uli Beckerhoff - Trumpet    
Stan Sulzmann - Tenor saxophone    
Dieter Ilg - Double bass    


1.   MTL      
  Stan Sulzmann
2.   Savannah - Samurai      
  Dieter Ilg
3.   Ambleside      
  John Taylor
4.   You've read the book      
  Stan Sulzmann
5.   June 19th      
  Uli Beckerhoff
6.   Little Dog      
  Stan Sulzmann
7.   Waltz for Dani      
  Dieter Ilg
A long awaited reunion between Bruno Castellucci & John Taylor.
The album was recorded in one day at Jet studio in Brussels. Seven powerful compositions including John Taylor's famous "Ambleside" and tracks by Dieter, Uli and Stan.

Quetzal records are now distributed in the Benelux by CODA (32 11 85 84 81)

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