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Bobby Jaspar
Bobby Jaspar
Jeux De Quartes
Record Labels Emarcy / Universal Jazz
Phonographic reference 0184232
Released November 2002
Collection Jazz in Paris
Media cd
Recorded 1958

Originally recorded in 1958, released as a LP titled "Phenil Isopropil Amine" (Emarcy), reissued in 2002 on CD in the "Jazz in Paris" series


Bobby Jaspar - Flute    
Michel Hausser - Vibraphone    
Sadi - Vibraphone   on tracks # 7, #10
Paul Rovève - Double bass    
Jimmie Merritt - Double bass   on tracks #5, 7, 10
Kenny Clarke - Drums    
Humberto Canto - Percussion    


1.   Cliff, Cliff      
  J-B. Hesse
2.   Phenil isopropil amine      
  B. Jaspar
3.   Mysterioso      
  T. Monk
4.   Lullaby of the leaves      
  B. Pelkere
5.   There will never be another you      
  H. Warren, M. Gordon
6.   Waiting for Irene      
  B. Jaspar
7.   Le jamf      
  B. Jaspar
8.   Chasing the bird      
  C. Parker
9.   Speak low      
  K. Weil
10.   Doxology (memory of Dick)      
  B. Jaspar
11.   Jeu de quarte (take 1)      
  B. Jaspar
12.   Jeu de quarte (take 2)      
  B. Jaspar
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