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Black Flower
Black Flower
Record Labels Sdban Ultra
Phonographic reference SDBANUCD02
Released September 30, 2016
Media cd / lp
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Nathan Daems - Baritone saxophone, Alto saxophone, Washint, Ney, Flute, Kaval    
Jon Birdsong - Cornet, Sea Shells, Cornetto    
Wouter Haest - Organ, Clavinet    
Simon Segers - Drums    
Filip Vandebril - Bass, Effects    
Guests :      
Tcha Limberger - Violin   on 9
Gernas Shekhmous - Daf   on 4


Black Flower  


1.   Bones      
2.   Alexandria      
3.   Helios Victor      
4.   Realm and Era      
5.   High Upon the Mountain High Upon the Hill      
6.   Sound Sacrament      
7.   Abeba Zeybekiko      
8.   Artifacts      
9.   Lunar Eclipse      

All tracks composed by Nathan Daems except "High Upon the Mountain High Upon the Hill" by Jon Birdsong

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