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Barbara Wiernik
Barbara Wiernik
Soul of Butterflies
Record Labels AZ Productions
Phonographic reference AZ 1017
Released March 4, 2009
Media cd
Recorded February 2008

Barbara Wiernik - Vocals, Composer    
Fabian Fiorini - Piano, Arranger    
Laurent Blondiau - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Tuur Florizoone - Accordion    
Nicolas Thys - Double bass    
Yves Peeters - Drums    


Barbara Wiernik sextet  


1.   soul of butterflies    
2.   drops can fly      
3.   seuls à l'infini      
4.   brown little girl      
5.   shadow man    
6.   colore la nuit      
7.   mnémosyne      
8.   les ailes du zèle      
9.   my old man      
10.   army dreamers      
11.   you don't know what love is      

All songs written by Barbara Wiernik except :
N° 9 by Joni Mitchell
N° 10 by Kate Bush
N° 11 by Gene de Paul & Don Raye
Arrangements by Fabian Fiorini, except 7,9,10.

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