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André Klenes
André Klenes
Adam's dream
Record Labels
Phonographic reference CH 303
Released 2001
Media cd
Recorded April 2001
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André Klenes - Double bass, Composer    
Nicolas Stevens - Violin    
Françoise Gilliquet - Violin    
Eric Gerstmans - Viola    
Jean-François Assy - Cello    


Adam's Dream String Quintet  


1.   Morning Dew      
Tribute to Jean-Pierre Catoul
2.   Lamento      
3.   Lamento II      
4.   Lamento III      
5.   Cantilène      
6.   Folia      
7.   Habanera      
8.   Salsa      
9.   Blues      
Tribute to Frederico Garcia Lorca
10.   Albaïcin      
11.   Alhambra      
12.   Generalife      
13.   Rio Darro      
14.   La Casa Lorca      
15.   Transat    
16.   The call of the bells    
17.   Seven Up      
18.   Rêverie      

Music composed by André Klenes

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Not specifically a jazz album, although as André KLENES is a.o. active as a jazz bass player, jazz influences are present in various moments of the album.

Also worth mentioning are tributes to the late Belgian jazz violonist Jean-Pierre CATOUL, and to the Spanish poet Federico Garcia LORCA.

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