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Amaury Faye Trio
Amaury Faye Trio
Live in Brussels
Record Labels Hypnote Records
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference HR008
Released October 26, 2018
Media cd
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Amaury Faye - Piano    
Louis Navarro - Double bass    
Théo Lanau - Drums    


Amaury Faye trio  


1.   Yosemite      
2.   Ugly beauty      
  Thelonious Monk
3.   Fascinating Rhythm      
  George Gershwin
4.   They didn't believe me      
  Jerome Kern
5.   Interlude      
6.   The old escalator      
7.   Ilex      

Establishing himself as an undeniable force on the European jazz scene, Amaury Faye has taken the first step in an ambitious project: to record five live albums in five European capitals. The trio chose Brussels, their hometown, as the first of this series. The trio presents a high-level repertoire of originals and standards, tastefully mixing the fire of their young blood with contemplative wisdom beyond their years. Amaury Faye, Louis Navarro and Théo Lanau have successfully taken on the challenge and delivered a fascinating and audacious one-shot album for both jazz fans and neophytes.
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