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AF New 5 (Alexandre Furnelle)
AF New 5 (Alexandre Furnelle)
Different Kinds Of Blue
Record Labels Red Box Trib
Phonographic reference Rb05
Released March 2019
Media cd
Recorded April 2017
  Elles Studio, by Pascale Snoeck
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Kristina Fuchs - Vocals    
Daniel Stokart - Saxophones    
Peter Hertmans - Guitars    
Alexandre Furnelle - Double bass    
Jan de Haas - Drums    


Alexandre Furnelle Quintet  


1.   Blossom      
  Keith Jarrett (music), Christina Fuchs (lyrics)
2.   Like someone in love      
  Jimmy Van Heusen (music), Johnny Burke (lyrics), Alexandre Furnelle (arrangement)
3.   Brumes      
  Alexandre Furnelle
4.   Au milieu de nulle part      
  Alexandre Furnelle
5.   Ever since      
  Peter Hertmans, Paul Berner
6.   Sounds of Jupiter      
  Alexandre Furnelle
7.   Chopin Prélude n°20      
  Frédéric Chopin
8.   Eyes to wonder      
  Ilja Reijngoud (music), William Shakespeare (lyrics)
9.   Winter blues      
  Peter Hertmans
10.   Country      
  Keith Jarrett
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