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Alex Koo quintet
Alex Koo quintet
Dance of hope
Record Labels Clever Tree Records
Phonographic reference CTRCD 201401
Released March 1, 2014
Media cd
Recorded Studio-2 Amsterdam by Lex Tanger
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Alex Koo - Piano, Composer    
Attila Gyarfas - Drums    
Thomas Pol - Double bass    
Floriaan Wempe - Tenor saxophone    
Caspar Van Wijk - Tenor saxophone    


Alex Koo quintet  


1.   You shall not pass !   7:52
2.   La ruta del Cares   8:40  
3.   Cantabria   8:10  
4.   Between darkness and light   8:01  
5.   Sweet Lorena   5:38  
6.   Dance of hope   8:45

All compositions by Alex Koo

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